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Proyecto Asis – Rescuing Wildlife in Costa Rica


Proyecto Asis pic

Proyecto Asis
Image: institutoasis.com

A general maintenance worker based in New Jersey, Sam Chandler Rumson regularly volunteers for humanitarian and community service projects. In 2015, Sam Chandler Rumson traveled to Costa Rica to work for a local wildlife rescue center run by Proyecto Asis.

Based in the town of La Fortuna, the Asis Wild Animal Shelter Center caters to wildlife under threat from human development. Their activities range from providing medical attention to injured animals to educating the public on the need to stop illegal hunting and habitat destruction. In this way, its volunteers hope to help the country strike a balance between growth and preservation.

The Proyecto Asis center runs a number of programs aimed at not only protecting local wildlife but also preserving their environment. To this end, volunteers perform activities such as evaluating newly rescued animals, preparing meals, and cleaning enclosures.

Officially recognized by the Costa Rican government, the center operates in close coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Energy as well as with the Monteverde Conservation League, a local nonprofit.


When to Visit Costa Rica

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Costa Rica
Image: travel.usnews.com

Sam Chandler, a resident of Rumson, New Jersey, is an accomplished high school graduate and philanthropist. When he can, Sam Chandler enjoys traveling outside of Rumson and the United States to locations such as Costa Rica for charitable endeavors.

Costa Rica experiences only two primary seasons a year: dry and wet. The country’s dry season lasts from mid-November through April, when average temperatures stay in the mid-70s and rainfall stays below one or two inches per month.

Costa Rica hosts a number of events in the dry season, including the Coffee Cup and Santa Cruz Fiestas. Although the dry season draws large crowds, particularly to the beaches, visiting Costa Rica at this time is usually best.

The country’s wet season lasts from May to early November. Temperatures in these months rise slightly, but still average below 80 degrees.

Unfortunately, rainfall increases to nearly 13 inches per month, depending on the month. As a result, crowds and accommodation prices drop significantly during the wet season.

Those willing to brave the wet weather are rewarded with some of Costa Rica’s best wildlife and foliage. The country also hosts a few festivals in the wet season, including the Maiz Fiesta in October and Independence Day celebrations in September.

Supporting Nosara Animal Care

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Nosara Animal Care
Image: nosaraanimalcare.com

A student at Blair Academy, Sam Chandler of Rumson, New Jersey, divides his time between academics and philanthropy. Over the years he has volunteered with a number of organizations, including ChangeALife Uganda and Protect Oasis. Sam Chandler of Rumson also created and sold bracelets to raise money for Nosara Animal Care.

A registered nonprofit in Costa Rica, Nosara Animal Care (NAC) provides quality healthcare to homeless and injured animals. The organization maintains educational programs and a low-cost veterinary clinic thanks to the support of dedicated donors and volunteers.

Volunteering is the most hands-on way to support NAC, and it tasks individuals with a variety of responsibilities, from helping at spay and neuter clinics to fundraising and handling social media for the organization. Certain volunteer positions require Spanish/English bilinguals, but this is not always a requirement.

Meanwhile, donations help cover NAC’s operation costs and are fully tax-deductible. Donations to the organization go toward rehabilitating animals, controlling parasites, and providing housing to homeless animals. This financial support also helps provide NAC’s animals with food, medicine, and other necessities. The organization’s only paid position is that of the director, so donors can be assured that the majority of their donation goes toward helping animals in need.

Choosing a Surfboard for a Beginner


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Image: surfboardsdirect.com.au

As a student at Blair Academy, Sam Chandler of Rumson, New Jersey, balances his academic responsibilities with pursuit of various work experiences and personal interests, including athletics. Rumson’s Sam Chandler is an avid surfer, having taken up the sport on a trip to Costa Rica a decade ago.

For the beginning surfer, choice of board can make the difference between a rewarding and a frustrating learning experience. Most beginners do best with a soft board, often known as a “foamie.” Light and buoyant, these boards allow beginning surfers to catch waves more easily and are less likely to cause injury if the surfer should be hit by the board.

Foam boards make good purchases for the occasional surfer, though most people who ride waves regularly will need a better performing board after about 20 sessions. For this reason, many new surfers choose instead to purchase a plastic board, which can be useful to the surfer through the intermediate level.

Regardless of style, the beginner surfer will most likely prefer a longer board, though specific length will depend on the surfer’s height and weight. Adults over 150 pounds may do best with an 8-foot board, while lighter or shorter individuals may prefer a board of 7 feet 6 inches to 7 feet 8 inches long. New surfers should avoid the popular short boards, which are difficult to maneuver when a surfer’s skills are still developing.

Adam Sandler’s Early Career

Adam Sandler pic

Adam Sandler
Image: imdb.com

While attending Rumson Fair Haven High School between 2012-2016, Sam Chandler also worked as a youth soccer referee for the Rumson Recreation Department. Sam Chandler enjoys any movie with actor Adam Sandler.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Adam Sandler turned 50 in 2016, and he has already had a long and successful career both as a comedian and actor. Considered the class clown as a youth, Sandler made his initial entrance into comedy at the age of 17 when his brother prodded him to perform in front of an audience at a comedy club.

His foray into stand-up comedy was successful enough that after high school, he was accepted into New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and he graduated with a BA in 1988. Sandler soon became a fixture on MTV’s Remote Control, and he landed a leading role in his first movie called Going Overboard.

Saturday Night Live veteran Dennis Miller noticed something special in the young comedian and got him a spot on the show. Sandler became one of the stars of SNL between 1990-1995, where he developed such memorable characters as Opera Man and Canteen Boy.

ChangeALife Uganda – Aiding Access to Better Education

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ChangeALife Uganda
Image: changealifeuganda.org

Sam Chandler of Rumson, New Jersey, graduated from Rumson Fair Haven High School as a member of the National Honor Society in 2016. He now attends the Blair Academy, a boarding school in Blairstown, New Jersey, where students can pursue a college preparatory education. Throughout his high school years, Sam Chandler participated in many charitable activities, including ChangeALife Uganda.

ChangeALife Uganda works to help orphaned and disadvantaged children in that country. The organization strives to improve the lives of children and their families through access to quality healthcare and education, along with programs to generate income. Their education programs are designed to increase attendance in schools by providing more well-trained teachers, safer sleeping arrangements, and free tuition for students who are in financial need.

Bucks For Beds is a program which helps children whose homes are distant from school to live in the dormitory. With their physical needs of food and shelter met in the dormitories, students are more able to focus on academics.

When to Spay or Neuter Your Pet


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Spay or Neuter Your Pet
Image: pets.webmd.com

An experienced soccer referee in the Rumson, New Jersey, area, Sam Chandler supports a number of charities. In addition to supporting local Rumson charities, Sam Chandler has volunteered internationally, designing and distributing bracelets for an animal shelter in Nosara, Costa Rica, to raise money and awareness about spaying and neutering animals.

There are countless health and behavioral benefits to spaying or neutering a pet. In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies and effectively reducing the homeless pet population, spay and neuter procedures greatly reduce the likelihood of cats and dogs developing serious illnesses, including cancer and malignant tumors. Cats and dogs are also less likely to demonstrate aggressive, territorial behaviors after being spayed or neutered.

Families who have decided to provide their pet with a spay or neuter surgery should consult with a trusted veterinarian. A healthy puppy can undergo surgery as early as 8 weeks after it is born. Owners of older dogs should still consider the procedure, though elderly or heavy dogs may have greater risk of complications.

Like puppies, a healthy, 8-week old kitten can be safely spayed or neutered. Owners should attempt to have the surgery performed before 5 months of age to curb certain territorial behaviors. Owners should also note that a female cat can be spayed even while in heat.