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Adam Sandler’s Early Career

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Adam Sandler
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While attending Rumson Fair Haven High School between 2012-2016, Sam Chandler also worked as a youth soccer referee for the Rumson Recreation Department. Sam Chandler enjoys any movie with actor Adam Sandler.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Adam Sandler turned 50 in 2016, and he has already had a long and successful career both as a comedian and actor. Considered the class clown as a youth, Sandler made his initial entrance into comedy at the age of 17 when his brother prodded him to perform in front of an audience at a comedy club.

His foray into stand-up comedy was successful enough that after high school, he was accepted into New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and he graduated with a BA in 1988. Sandler soon became a fixture on MTV’s Remote Control, and he landed a leading role in his first movie called Going Overboard.

Saturday Night Live veteran Dennis Miller noticed something special in the young comedian and got him a spot on the show. Sandler became one of the stars of SNL between 1990-1995, where he developed such memorable characters as Opera Man and Canteen Boy.