Proyecto Asis – Rescuing Wildlife in Costa Rica


Proyecto Asis pic

Proyecto Asis

A general maintenance worker based in New Jersey, Sam Chandler Rumson regularly volunteers for humanitarian and community service projects. In 2015, Sam Chandler Rumson traveled to Costa Rica to work for a local wildlife rescue center run by Proyecto Asis.

Based in the town of La Fortuna, the Asis Wild Animal Shelter Center caters to wildlife under threat from human development. Their activities range from providing medical attention to injured animals to educating the public on the need to stop illegal hunting and habitat destruction. In this way, its volunteers hope to help the country strike a balance between growth and preservation.

The Proyecto Asis center runs a number of programs aimed at not only protecting local wildlife but also preserving their environment. To this end, volunteers perform activities such as evaluating newly rescued animals, preparing meals, and cleaning enclosures.

Officially recognized by the Costa Rican government, the center operates in close coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Energy as well as with the Monteverde Conservation League, a local nonprofit.


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