When to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica pic

Costa Rica
Image: travel.usnews.com

Sam Chandler, a resident of Rumson, New Jersey, is an accomplished high school graduate and philanthropist. When he can, Sam Chandler enjoys traveling outside of Rumson and the United States to locations such as Costa Rica for charitable endeavors.

Costa Rica experiences only two primary seasons a year: dry and wet. The country’s dry season lasts from mid-November through April, when average temperatures stay in the mid-70s and rainfall stays below one or two inches per month.

Costa Rica hosts a number of events in the dry season, including the Coffee Cup and Santa Cruz Fiestas. Although the dry season draws large crowds, particularly to the beaches, visiting Costa Rica at this time is usually best.

The country’s wet season lasts from May to early November. Temperatures in these months rise slightly, but still average below 80 degrees.

Unfortunately, rainfall increases to nearly 13 inches per month, depending on the month. As a result, crowds and accommodation prices drop significantly during the wet season.

Those willing to brave the wet weather are rewarded with some of Costa Rica’s best wildlife and foliage. The country also hosts a few festivals in the wet season, including the Maiz Fiesta in October and Independence Day celebrations in September.


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