Rolling Stone Readers Rank Adam Sandler’s Best Movies

Happy Gilmore pic

Happy Gilmore
Image: imdb.ccom

While attending high school in Rumson, New Jersey, Sam Chandler also worked as a referee for youth and travel soccer at Rumson Recreation. When he is not working or attending school, Sam Chandler’s favorite actor is Adam Sandler.

Since the 1990s, Adam Sandler has made “an astounding amount of movies,” to use Rolling Stones’ terminology. With such a plethora of content, it may be tough for a newcomer to the comedian’s work to know which films are hits, and which are misses. Here are Sandler’s three best movies, as voted on by Rolling Stone readers:

3. Punch Drunk Love – A departure from Sandler’s typical goofball persona, in Punch Drunk Love, the actor plays a desperate, lonely man in a dark story penned and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The cast also included Robert Smigel, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Emily Watson, and Luiz Guzman. While critics praised Sandler’s ability to play a straight role without all the yucks, the film was not as strong of an earner as some of the actor’s more wacky outings.

2. The Wedding Singer – Released in 1996, The Wedding Singer served as Sandler’s hilarious spoof of life in the 1980s. In it, Sandler plays a struggling wedding singer who falls for a cheery waitress played by Drew Barrymore. Made on an $18 million budget, the Wedding Singer raked in a whopping $123 million, cementing it as one of Sandler’s most successful films.

1. Happy Gilmore – Voted as the best Sandler movie by Rolling Stone readers, Happy Gilmore stars Sandler as a foul-mouthed, ill-tempered hockey player who channels his rage to become a golf pro. This slapstick comedy worked so well because of Sandler’s crass character butting heads with the stuffy, country club elites often found on the fairway. Happy Gilmore also gave the world a hilarious fight between Sandler’s titular character and former the Price is Right host, Bob Barker.


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